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July 24, 2007


David Crowe

If journalists want to learn why 'denialists' question whether HIV causes AIDS, whether HIV tests are accurate, whether sexual transmission is a reality, and whether AIDS drugs have a favorable effectiveness/adverse effect profile, you can always talk to us!

It is ironic that the blog posting on denialists, quoting Mark Wainberg, was followed by a blog posting on microbicides, on which Mark Wainberg holds pattern. While denialism appears to hold a fascination for journalists, apparently financial conflicts of interest by the AIDS establishment does not.


Dr. Wainberg's credentials, including research and business affiliations, were fully presented to the attending journalists and in our on-the-record briefings there were no restrictions on questions.

David Crowe

Can you please share Dr. Wainberg's financial declaration on the blog? I cannot know if it is accurate unless I can see it.

Kyle Shields

I have just listened to Ruth Pollard, what an absolute liar. I contacted her to see if she wanted to talk to David Crowe about his views and David did try to contact her three times but she refused to talk to him.
So much for her statement they are hard to talk to.

Ruth Pollard

David, before you call me a liar in print, perhaps you could get your facts straight.
As I said at the J2J session, I tried to contact Valendar Turner and Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos multiple times, via email and telephone, for the story I was writing on the Parenzee decision. They had given evidence in the case, they were the relevant people for me to speak to.
They were difficult to contact, their emails bounced, the phone numbers on their website were wrong.
You rang me days after the story was published and wanted to talk about the Parenzee case.
I told you that I would not be doing a follow up on the story any time in the near future and therefore there wasn't much point in continuing the discussion.
I took the number of the person you suggested I speak to and said if I was doing a follow up I would speak to him, however I stressed that I only deal in scientific facts, not fiction, so possibly he would not be able to add much to my story.


Wrong again Ruth,

I approached you to talk to David about getting in contact with other scientists, that have have another view on HIV?AIDS not about the Parenzee case.
You stated that HIV dissidents are hard to contact, they are not.
Do not imply that the so called dissidents do not want to put forward their story.

If you want to print facts, then write an article on why mainstream papers keep claiming 1000 people per day die in Sth Africa a day when this blatantly untrue.

Go and look at the Sth African stats that are published not made up.

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