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July 26, 2007


Dr. Truth

YOu are celebratingthis event for what reason? When will you idiots realize AIDS is NOT caused by HIV?? Perhaps your wallets won't be so thick if you accepted the truth. How will you feel when you are living your final days knowing that your life was wasted for nothing, as you spent your time on a disease that has been wrongly categorized.

Duesberg is right. Its a shame so many scientists and Drs (and we all know how most Drs are clueless "yesmen") have been blinded by teh dollars from large corporations. I guess you could call it blood money or even Satan's money.

Dr. Truth

Oh and I like the list of sponsors---most are the same drug companies that are raking in billions of $ selling toxic AIDS drugs. Throw in a few bucks from Gates' (another crook) Foundation to make it look legit (and of course Gates is clueless about AIDS; he just wants to ride the BS philanthropy wave hoping he won't burn in hell for being a huge crook).

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